Grafting a Ficus Benjamina as a Core Element of Proper Care

ficus benjamina bonsai image

When one isn’t a professional or it happened so that one has never had a ficus tree at home, then he starts with ficus benjamina ‘Kiki’. The plant comes from Asia and mostly from India or China. The plant is large and can even grow enough up to twenty meters.

Whenever you buy any plant, there are a few primer rules you should know. Frankly speaking, ficus benjamina care guide includes many recommendations. Along with light, temperature, location, environment and humidity, grafting is perhaps one of the main ones.

This is an old technique used in cases of tree improvement (prettier leaves, better fruits, stronger trunk and roots) and propagation of rare materials goes more quickly. When we talk about ficus trees, grafting is always used for the introduction of a branch where it is needed.

Grafting a ficus benjamina works pretty fine, as ficus heals rapidly and grows vigorously. The commonly used grafts are approach or in-arch ones.