Helpful Advice on Rooting Aloe from a Professional

Rooting aloe

Aloe is one of the most wide-spread and highly appreciated house plants. I think so because one can find it in almost every house and apartment. It is simple to take care of this plant but some nuances should be cleared. Rooting aloe is a process that people are used to delaying. The thing is that not everyone can do it. The algorithm is plain:
- cut a stalk;
- dry it in the air;
- plant in a small pot filled with wet washed sand;
- compress it for stability;
- leave for several days;
- water seldom.

A rooted graft should be transplanted from the sand in a small pot with the following substrate: turf, ground sheet and sand (2:1:0,5) with the addition of pieces of charcoal and brick chips. When the plant grows up to several centimeters in height and gets at least one offshoot, transplant it into a bigger pot filled with the same substrate. You will not have aloe vera troubles if you follow these simple instructions.