Seven Main Rules on Winterizing the Perennial Hibiscuses

Rules hibiscus perennial

Perennial or hardy hibiscus plants feel great in the mild climate and their roots can well survive the winter and start blooming during the summer months providing you with the hand sized flowers that vary in shades in colors from red to pink and white. Following these simple rules everyone can become an experienced gardener providing the plants with the best care possible.

Of all the varieties there are annual and perennial plants, or they are also known as hardy and tropical kinds of the same plant family. The tropical ones cannot survive the cold climates and will only live in the garden for one season after which they require being replanted. We have got you covered no matter whether you keep your trees in the pot or directly in the ground. There are ways to properly protect both of them from being damaged by the cold temperatures.

The Pot Hibiscus

  • Prune the shrub by about half to make the size more suitable for the indoors.
  • Wash and spray the plant with the insecticide to remove all the parasites.
  • Cover the stem with a heavy cloth or a tarp for when the temperature drops below zero and you are not there to control the temperature in the room.
  • If you keep the pot plant outdoors then take care of the proper cover. Move it closer to the southern or the western walls of the house to provide more warmth and wind protection.

The Ground Hibiscus

  • Wait till the first frost strikes and then cut the stem all the way up to the ground. You can leave up to 12 inches above it.
  • Take care of the proper insulation. You need a 12 inch layer of mulch this way you will protect the roots from freezing or overheating keeping it cool at the suitable temperatures.
  • Remove the mulch right after the freeze is gone and apply an organic fertilizer to provide the plant with the necessary food.

If you like tropical ones you can go for the cross breed and have a perennial plant that looks like a tropical. How cool is that?

So no matter whether you go for the tropical or perennial hibiscus you can provide any plant with proper care. Opting for the hardy kinds will give you a chance to enjoy the blossoms for the years to come. And even if you have an annual plant try saving some seeds so you can germinate the plant every winter and have the young plants ready for the spring. With such a huge variety and the ease of the hibiscus care why not have fun with these beautiful blooming plants?