Uses of Aglaonema: Why the Plant is Beneficial

Uses of Aglaonema

These days Chinese Evergreen plants are extremely popular and can be used as single specimens to decorate home or in mass to create a coarse-textured, tropical effect. What’s more some varieties of the plant are widely distributed as medicinal plants.

Uses of Aglaonema: ground cover, mass planting, landscaping; container or above-ground planter; suitable for growing indoors.

How to care for Chinese Evergreen? The plant will survive in peat, sand and perlite. Usually these hardy plants enjoy moist soil that is allowed to dry slightly before you water it. Don’t over water the plants and don’t let the soil dry for more than a couple of days. When it comes to light, you are to know the plants require shade. Remember, direct sun will turn the leaves of Chinese evergreen yellow. To grow healthy, green and attractive plants place them in low light or in sheltered locations.