Taking Care of Aglaonema Silver Bay: a challenge or a simple task?

Aglaonema Silver Bay

There are species that suit perfectly any place whether it’s a modern living room, dim bedroom or cosy study. Such plants can adorn any interior and that is why they are always in demand. One of such an “all-purpose” cultivar is Aglaonema Silver Bay.

This cultivar came on to the scene in the late nineties. Since then a lot of growers have begun adding it to their collection. This species is the merit of the University of Florida breeding program.
The plant has broad foliage that sometimes can be 4 or 5 inches in width. There is a green edge on the leaves. If you compare the leaves of this species with the "standard" Aglaonema foliage, you will notice that the leaves of the first one are a bit more oval in shape.

This hybrid is tolerant to both moist and dry conditions. It can also thrive if the light conditions are very low. Another advantage of this plant is the fact that it can also grow successfully in quite cool indoor temperatures.
The light conditions in spring and summer are good and the hybrid must get adequate nutrition during these seasons. Reasonable fertilization once a month will let the plant grow and it will enable the leaves to look good. Watering should be done when necessary. Let the surface of the soil dry a bit before next watering.