How to win in a lottery: Aglaonema plant

Aglaonema plant

It is thought that some houseplants can bring luck. No one knows why fortune smiles on us but some people correlate it with the appearance of a particular species in their house. The most popular plants are Crassula ovata(money plant), geranium, cactus and Dracaena braunii.

Another example of the genus that is considered to be an omen is Aglaonema plant (its variety, to be precise, - modestum). Chinese and Thai people believe that this plant is a favourable one, but only in case you grow and own it. Here is something that can prove their assumptions.

In 1986 there was a monsoon rain in Malaysia. One man started walking through his garden when the rain stopped. He took a look at his species and saw a couple of numbers etched in the rain water. The man jotted them down.
Later he bought a ticket with these numbers. It was a strange coincidence but there could be no doubts: his ticket won in the national lottery.

From that time on people from southeast Asia became obsessed with the species. This boom has even rolled over to the USA where a lot of people nowadays buy these plants expecting to purchase a winning one some day.