Amazing Aglaonema Crispum: the best adornment in your house

Aglaonema Crispum

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) got its name from the combination of two Greek words. One of them is “aglaos” which means “bright” and the other one is“néma” which can be translated as” thread”. Such a name is likely to refer to the glossy flower stamens. There is a cultivar of the plant which is popular with the gardeners – aglaonema crispum. The Latin word “crispum” that stands for “corrugated” is believed to refer to the corrugated edges of the leaves. It can be also known under the following names:“drop-tongue”, “painted drop-tongue”, “painted evergreen” (English); “Kolbenfaden” (German).

This plant is an erect, evergreen perennial. It may grow up to 4 feet. The foliage is elliptical with dark green margins and ample silvery green cast. Inflorescences resemble little greenish-white callas that are followed by berries.
This cultivar can grow in low light conditions but it will do better if its location is bright without any direct sunlight. To prevent production of solid green foliage, the variegated species should be grown in low or moderate light.
The potting mix of the plant should be constantly moist but not wet. Overwatering can cause rot. Do not let the soil dry completely between watering.

This genus enjoys warm temperatures (20-25 °c). In a winter the temperature must be not less than 14 °C.

High humidity is preferable although not necessary. Spray your houseplant with water – and you will be able to keep the foliage free from dust.