What is the Background of Aglaonema?

what is aglaonema

It can be outlined as a natural originator of pure air with elegant blooms. As a perennial evergreen of the Plantae kingdom it can grow in hardly ventilated or low light places. Mostly, it hawks as a houseplant what is aglaonema.

The origin of Araceae goes deep into tropical sites of New Guinea, Malaysia and Philippines. The most popular name of this plant is Chinese Evergreen.

The native land of this plant isn't a singular locale where it grows. Nowadays, it's available almost anywhere in the world. It’s because it got adapted to various climates. Therefore, the history depicts twenty two different varieties of the same plant.

Plants of this kind come in several colors. Yet they share similar, but not alike petals. However, arch-like shape applies to all of them. With all, these plants can be reddish, evergreen or green mixed with white ornaments.