What is the Best Type of Soil for Growing Your Hibiscus?

the best type of soil for hibiscus

As there exist many varieties of hibiscus, the optimum environment for hibiscus growing varies as well. But still most kinds of hibiscus prefer the same kind of soil.

So let’s see what is the best type of soil for hibiscus. First of all, moist but well-drained soils are the best for this plant. So loam and sandy-loam types will do. Hibiscus grows well in neutral or slightly acidic soil. If your soil Ph is above 7,0, you'd better lower it. To do that mix sulfur or sulfur compound in the soil. And if your soil is too acidic, you may add some lime to it. A fertilizer is necessary if you have nutrient-poor soil.

Before planting your hibiscus, buy a soil test kit at a garden store and find out what soil conditions you have and what is necessary to make the plant happy and bloomy.