What Do You Know about Origin of Aloes?

aloe vera pot

Aloe is a plant of much interest. I’ve read that it has more than 360 species (unfortunately, I’ve got only two of them on my window-sill). It is unbelievable as some varieties are of an enormous size and grow in areas with a dry, hot climate. According to my encyclopedia, the Mediterranean region is the place of origin of aloes. It is true as everybody knows that aloe cannot be green and healthy if it grows in shade.

In Africa aloe seeds are tossed by the wind and little plants appear. Unfortunately, one of the main traits of this succulent is that it doesn’t bloom in captivity as often as it does in its motherland. Last Friday I got a task at my Biology lesson to learn more about this plant. I have already found some info about its penetrating into Europe in history books, looked through dozens of pictures and made a decision to buy several more species of this amazing succulent and grow them by myself.