Cajun Hibiscus Varieties: A Unique Blend

cajun hibiscus

So what is a Cajun hibiscus? It is result of tropical hibiscuses cross breeding. This type of plant is very famous due to its huge flowers that come is the various shapes and colors.

The Origins

Originally thirty eight varieties have been introduced by the Dupont Nursery Inc. Some of the species had blossoms that reached up to 9 inches in diameters. But the thing that was really captivating is the color arrangements between the petals, stamens and pistils of the flowers. All the flowers had a common feature.

They had dark green glossy leaves to highlight the flowers. And even though the shrubs would bloom till the first frosts unfortunately the flowers do not lost for longer than a day. Check out the local Cajun hibiscuses for sale and you will definitely find an eye candy for yourself.

Cajun Hibiscus Plant Care

All the plant varieties of Cajun hibiscuses have their breeding and cultivating peculiarities. You cannot grow them from the seeds as the flowers are sterile or even if you manage to grow a seed into a plant it might look different from the predecessor. But you can cultivate them in the following ways:

  • use the stem cuttings
  • semi-hardwood cuttings
  • softwood cuttings

All of the above should be first planted in the fertilized damp soil with plenty of drainage. Keep them in half shade and water them twice a week so they can root properly.


Just like the natural tropical and hardy species the Cajun hibiscuses suffer from the same hibiscus plant problems as they require at least five hours of sunshine. Then also need to be regularly watered and fertilized. Make sure to keep the insects away from the tree and use a mild pesticide.

Check the label to make sure it does not harm the hibiscus. Both insects and the repellents can kill the plant. If you wish to save the plant for the next season then cut it to the stern. Dig out the root out carefully and transfer it indoors.

Black Dragon

By far the most unusual and unique of all the Cajun family is the Black Dragon Hibiscus. It is also hybridized by the Dupont Inc. out of the original rosa-sinensis aka Chinese hibiscus. The flowers look very dramatic as they come in purple to maroon petal shades. An ombre color goes from darker in the center to lighter at the petal tips. The stamen is also dark with light yellow pollen on it. It is a work of art in the world of flower breeding. We can bet you now feel like collecting all the thirty eight varieties.