The Most Popular Ficus Benjamina Varieties

ficus benjamina leaves

Ficus benjamina is a popular, well adapted kind of indoor tree with woody trunk formed by the fused braided stalks. Its common name is Weeping fig. Its plant family is Moraceae. There are several ficus benjamina varieties that can make a very attractive addition to any setting.

One of ficus benjamina species is Golden King. It is recognizable by the yellow or cream band around the edge of glossy green leaves.

Among other popular ficus benjamina varieties are Starlight, Exotica, Monique,Reginald, Natasha, Kinky, Wiandi. The difference between all of them is in the colour and shape of the leaves. For example, Starlight has variegated leaves, Exotica - light green ones, Monique - stiff, sharply-pointed dark green leaves with scalloped margins. Kinky species has pale green and white leaves and Wiandi - smooth, glossy, ovate elliptical. curling downward leaves.

There's some special appeal in all of them so just choose the one to your taste.