Aglaonema and its Bloom

Aglaonema bloom

Almost all Aroideae species have flowers during summer. Few of them are blooming in spring or at the beginning of autumn. The flowering demonstrates that the plantae is mature, feels cozy and healthy.

The future flower emerges from the warp of the stalk. It will need about 8-13 days to fully open up. The flower bud is conformable to lily bloom. However, in order to be certain, it is an inflorescence. It is honky and surprisingly enough it has no smell at all.

When the bud grows it comes together with a new petal. Thus, as long as the bloom remains, a new folio cannot be opened. Plus, the whole plant has to feed the blossom with its energy and nutrients. Therefore, it's prudent to snap out the aglaonema bloom carefully. You need to elicit where the new petal is and cut it till that point. It will let the grower produce new leaves.