Brief Aglaonema Classification

Alismatales of this kind has very good-looking plants. Its diversity has twenty two extraordinary species to pick from. All of them are non-identical in shades and ornaments of the foliage.

The Aglaonema classification from Thailand, Malasia and Indochina includes chermisiriwattanae, cochinchense, ovatum, nebulosum, brevispathum, costatum, modestum, nitidum, simplex and pumilum. Also, there are some species in Smatra, Philippines, Nilas, New Guinea, Bangladesh and etc. Such as commutatum, cordifolium, densinervium, flemingianum, hookerianum, marantifolium, philippinense, pictum. roebelinii, rotundum, tricolor, vittatum.

When it comes to identification of these species, then Internet pictures of each of them will help. You will notice that some of them are reddish, dark or even light green. Moreover, these plants have few important facts you need to know. First, Araceae plants are from Plantae kingdom and do come from Aroideae subfamily. Second, they are poisonous to animals.