Hibiscus Tiliaceus: a Beautifully Blooming Tree


Beach Hibiscus or Hibiscus Tiliaceus is the only hibiscus species which is actually a small tree. It has remarkable large dark-green leaves (though Kopper King, a variety of this kind, got its name for its coppery foliage). The flowers are bright with dark center, their color deepening as they mature.

Surely if you grow it in your garden, it requires usual care for hibiscus: watering, pruning, fertilization, etc. But some slight differences still exist. For example, keep in mind that woody plants need less frequent watering than others. Also you can’t keep your tree potted throughout the cold weather. So the areas with frosty winters are definitely not for this plant. The good news is that it can tolerate full exposure to strong winds, so if your climate is warm but windy, perfect advice for you is to grow this plant, as it can provide an ideal windbreak as well as a beautiful view from the window.