Aloe Ferox – the Highest Plant in the Family of Aloe

Aloe Ferox

Do you know that aloe ferox is the highest plant among all the aloe species? It is a miraculous succulent and has the highest rank among other aloes because it produces 20 times more therapeutic juice with high nutrient concentration. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can even be used for prevention of cancer.

You can find a great number of cosmetics and medication means based on this aloe. It grows in Africa but some people manage to have it at home. It is a difficult process of transplanting pups' aloe, fertilizing them and waiting until they become old enough to be used for treatment. If you hear the name of cape aloe, bear in mind that it is the same as ferox. Try wonderful properties of this southern plant and get rid of long-term health problems.