Aloe Vera and Kids – Protection against ARVI is Guaranteed!

aloe vera image

I am a mother of two cuties, Anny and Jessie. Both of them are tireless fidgets who move all day long. I don’t like cold seasons as my girls always get ill at this time. But now I am glad to say that last winter was especially good because my children didn’t have even a runny nose! It is fantastic! Our savior is aloe vera juice.

Now I have a hobby – to learn instructions on aloe growing and cultivate 3 plants at home. My dream is to have tall and wide aloes for treatment and decoration of the apartment. I also read info about aloe vera and its kinds in order not to do harm by giving too big doses. You know that any remedy can easily turn into poison when it is abused.

So, if you want to protect your kids from insidious diseases caused by viruses and low temperatures, give them some aloe vera juice. Their immune system will be as strong as a fortress!