Effective Tips on How to Propagate Aglaonema

propagate Aglaonema

Chinese evergreen – that was first cultivated in China – is one of the most popular decorative indoor plants used for home and office decor. You can choose different species of this plant such as Constatum, Romano, Aurora, etc. The plant looks perfect in mass plantings.

How to propagate Aglaonema? If you arenot a fan of in vitro propagation of the plant, the most suitable way to do it is by division during repotting or transplanting.

First, you need to carefully pull the Chinese evergreen plant out from the pot, removing the root ball of the plant together with as much soil as possible. Then, you are to check the roots’ condition to see whether it is root bound or not. To separate one plant at a time use a knife if necessary. The last step is to place a separated plant into a pot, firm the soil and water it thoroughly. It is recommended to locate the pot at a place that receives bright indirect sunlight.