My Precious Remedy – Aloe Extract. Do You Still Go to a Chemist’s?

aloe vera leaves

Hi, I am Hannah. I am 69 years old and you will not be surprised to know how many illnesses I have. Medications sold in drug stores don’t help much. Nevertheless, there is a remedy as precious as gold. It is called aloe extract. I use it every day. If I cut my finger or take a hot cup, aloe jelly soothes pain and erases redness. When I suffer from intestines problems like constipation, aloe is the best handy means in this case too. I can say that it heals everything.

Two years ago I had tumors on my toes. They looked terrible and did much harm and discomfort to me. My neighbor Jin advised me to use aloe juice. I didn’t believe as I had tried dozens of methods and nothing helped me. It took me less than a month to forget about my nightmare. Now aloe grows on my window-sill and I recommend it to everybody. My daughter even uses it instead of her face cream.