Double clematis

Double clematis

Clematis have an undeserved reputation for being hard to grow. The species will thrive if the vines get plenty of sunlight whereas the roots are shaded. Some specimens have single flowers with only one layer of petals. There also exist double clematis varieties. Among the most popular of them are purpurea plena elegans, artctic queen, duchess of Edinburgh, blue light. They have blooms of different colours: yellow, purple, red, pink, blue, white so everyone will find the plant to his taste.

Purpurea plena elegans is a kind of Italian double clematis with wide purplish-pink flowers. Its height is about 10-12 ft. This clematis plant is very popular with the lovers of plants as its growing conditions are not difficult to fulfill.

Arctic queen is a species that can boast of magic creamy-white, a bit ruffled petals and yellow anthers. It starts producing flowers in early summer and finishes in early autumn.

Duchess of Edinburg is widely known for its pure-white petals and pale-yellow anthers. It blooms in May, June and September.

Blue light is also sold ander the name Vanso. Its double blue flowers resemble dahlias. Inflorescence period lasts from June to September, although there can be lull in blooming because of scorching weather. The vine is 6- to 8-feet tall.