Hibiscus Trees: A Tropical Centerpiece of Your Garden

hibiscus tree

Probably you have paid attention to those eye catching beautiful tropical flowers in the friends’ gardens? Hibiscus is a non- demanding plant that can be grown in the urban areas. It will bloom all summer with flowers ranging from white to orange and scarlet red. So if you feel like planting a young hibiscus tree in your garden let us help you with some simple but important ideas and advices to make sure your perennial plant will keep healthy for the years to come.

It is easy to find the various seeds and hybrids with any flower colors possible for sale. Go for the reputable seller and make sure the trees look healthy. You would never regret this purchase.

Gardening Tips

The hibiscus care is not that hard. It is easy to look after this perennial tree and its beautiful blossoms. Your local home depot will have all the necessary fertilizers and other gardening tools so all you need to do is to follow these basic guidelines.

  • Provide the plant with at least five hours of sunlight to ensure blooming. Make sure there are no trees in the vicinity.
  • Water it thoroughly, first go for 3-4 times per week and less as the tree establishes. Keep the ground damp and let it dry a bit between watering.
  • Make sure to protect the brittle leaves from too much wind, move it indoors during the storm. Place it against the fence or the south-facing wall of the house.
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  • Use a fertilizer during the active months. Go for the slow release one and use it in summer and spring.
  • Prune the branches after the blooming. You ensure better blooming next time.
  • The stems can die in winter leaving a 4 to 5 inch protruding stub. Prune away the dead part and wait for the hibiscus to come back late spring.
  • To protect the plants from cold temperatures make sure to keep them in pots during the cold months. This way you will save the stem.


The hibiscus plant diseases are few but can be very damaging for the plant. If you see that the tips of the leaves turn brown it means you have overdosed on the fertilizer. If the entire tree goes yellow and slowly dies you have not watered it enough. Dark spots on the leaves are most likely fungus. And if your plant stays green but fades away in the wet ground you have probably overdone it on the watering.

Aphids look like tiny yellow, green or brown bugs on the buds. The mealy bugs cover the leaves in white cottony spots. Make sure you have provided the plant with good conditions. If you see any parasites then thoroughly wash the leaves and use the hibiscus friendly insecticide.

Your tree will serve you well for years getting more and more beautiful.