Sick Ficus Benjamina and What to Do about It.

ficus benjamina bonsai

Ficus plant is an evergreen species. One of the cultivars - Danielle - will enliven your terrace or garden as well as ficus benjamina indoor will cheer up the atmosphere of your house. You won't have troubles cultivating it. However, these trees are vulnerable to some diseases and sick ficus benjamina presents a sorry spectacle. That's why you should take good care of it.

This species can be affected by fungus, for example. Plants that have been overwatered or kept in damp conditions are more likely to catch this disease. If the plant has brown or sometimes black spots on the leaves, that means it is infected. So as to cure it, you should remove all the sick leaves and treat the whole plant with a fungicidal spray. Also don't forget to isolate the sick ficus benjamina to prevent spreading of the disease to other plants.