Thailand Aglaonema: Colorful Planting Ideas

Thailand Aglaonema

These days, Thailand Aglaonema plants areamong the most popular foliage house plants. Breeders of these green house plants are very active. Therefore, hybrids from Thailand vary not only in forms but in colors as well.

Lady Valentine plant is among those rare Aglaonema’s varieties that have been selected for showy colorful foliage and easy growing. The plant is about 15 inches tall. The leaves of this plant are painted in appealing rose-pink tones and splashed with green blotches. When it comes to leaf variegation it depends on the light intensity. Leaves that are not exposed to light are more dark green.

If you want to decorate the room with hardy plants that are holding their coloring, you can purchase such plants as: Red Fire, Siam Aurora, Kresna. All of them originate from Thailand and have an unusual green and red color.