What to do when you notice clematis spots

clematis image

Clematis is considered to be a plant which can is prone to numerous pests and diseases. If your cultivar is growing fast and is in full flower or near it and you have noticed irregular in shape, dark brown to black clematis spots on the leaves, that is most likely to be the fungus Ascochyta clematidina. The stem of the plant is attacked by this fungus causing all the other areas of the species wilt.

Another problem this hardy species may be susceptible too is powdery mildew. It usually affects the plant when the weather is humid. It is characterized by grayish-white patches on the leaves. They grow and soon the entire leaf is covered in them. The foliage that has been infected has deformed petals, it gradually turns yellow and droops.

As soon as clematis spots appear, you have to remove all the affected parts of the plant. Sometimes cutting the vine down to soil level or even below is needed. The species will grow back in a few months. When the new foliage is produced, it would be wise are to apply preventative fungicide to it.