Why do Black Spots Appear on Aglaonema?

black spots on aglaonema

Have you noticed dingy blurs on your Chinese evergreen? Stop worrying and start acting. You can rescue your plant’s vitality and beauty.

Aroideae plants can have black or brown slicks. These spots may ooze at the varied sites of the frondage. It can be because of fungus. Luckily, you can cure it with the organic fungicide from any garden center.

Water-stress issue is another common reason behind those unhealthy dots. If you overwater the grower, then murky patches can appear. Yet, very little amount of water will cause the same poser too.

Moreover, water-stressed evergreens attract pests. For example, spider mites or mealybugs cause black spots on the aglaonema leafage.

So keeping the soil moist, but not soggy is a must. Also, make sure that the atmosphere where the plant stays is not dry. Otherwise, you can humidify the air.