Why Does Ficus Benjamina Turn Yellow? How to Avoid It?

Ficus Benjamina Turn Yellow

Ficus benjamina is perhaps the commonest tree sort used as an indoor plant. Being used indoors, it creates a special atmosphere, but to achieve this effect it is important to follow simple care tips.

Yellowing is caused by overwatering. Ficus gets water as the root cells are much more salty than the soil that is around. As fertilizer is very salty, make sure you don’t over fertilize the water, because it’ll flow to the ground. Too much liquid makes the roots become rot, besides the plant lacks oxygen.

This makes ficus benjamina turn yellow. In addition you may notice white spots or eggs on all leaves.
Cutting ficus benjamina is the only way to save the plant. Soon old leaves are replaced by new ones. To return the plant to maximum stability you can water it regularly, but not too much.