Why Red Aglaonema May Fall Sick and How to Deal with It

Red Aglaonema

Don’t you think that a plant with dark green foliage elegantly flushed with striking pink or bright red tones will make a stylish accent to your décor? If you pictured that in your mind, you won’t be able to refuse having this eye catching species - red aglaonema.

The cultivar is native to humid tropics. This ornamental plant has oblong and glossy leaves. The stem is woody at the base. The bushes reach 25-30 cm in height. Altogether there are about 15 varieties of this plant.

Like any other houseplant this cultivar can face some problems. For example its foliage can turn yellow. This may happen if the species was overwatered or overcooled. To avoid these situations, one needs to place the plant in a warmer place and stop watering it until its full recovery.

The cultivar may also wither because of the lack of heat. In this case the plant needs extra nutrition and lighting. To avoid drying the place where the genus is being kept needs ventilating and the soil must be moisturized intensely.