3 Main Reasons of Aloe Yellowing

aloe vera flower

I am an experienced florist and a big fan of house plants. Aloe belongs to my favorite ones as it is both nice looking and useful. My friends often ask me how to grow aloe, how to take care of it and how to combat pests. Aloe yellowing is a wide-spread problem. I have found out 3 main reasons of this notion and eagerly share them with you:
Intense or scant watering. It leads to roots rotting, leaves become yellow and the plant dies.

Too much light. Aloe adores sunlight but direct beams can do much harm to green leaves. Don’t place the pot at the southern window.

Dry air. Moisturize the air in winter when you use heaters and chimneys. The humidity should be at least 65-70%.
But don’t be upset if your aloe has turned yellow. Plant it in the garden or a flower-bed in spring or summer. In autumn you will see that it became stronger and healthier.