5 Easy Steps to Satisfy Aglaonema Care Requirements

Aglaonema Care Requirements

There is no person who wouldn’t dream about a pretty plant that is easy to care about. Chinese evergreen is a species that will make your dreams come true. Aglaonema care requirements are very simple to meet.

First of all you have to keep in mind that this genus doesn’t like direct sunlight. It prefers diffused light or even partial shade. The plant is shade-tolerant whereas direct sunlight can burn the foliage. However, pay attention to the fact that if there is lack of lighting, you will have to artificially illuminate the variegated forms so that didn’t lose their decorative pattern of leaves.

The optimum temperature for Chinese evergreen throughout the year is 20-25 ° C, in winter it mustn’t be less than 18 ° C. It is also desirable to avoid rapid temperature changes. The majority of Araceae plants can hardly tolerate drafts. For the species drafts are simply destructive.

On the other hand, the plant is less demanding to the air humidity than other representatives of the family. However, the leaves of Chinese evergreen can be deformed or poorly developed if the air is dry. Sphacelated edges and tops of the leaves can indicate the state when the genus is not moisturized enough. In this case you should spray the species.

However, remember that in autumn and in winter, when the temperature is low, spraying should be done very carefully.
In spring and summer the plant needs abundant watering. In autumn and winter the watering should be reduced a bit. Also don’t forget about fertilization. It won’t hurt from March through October.