Aglaonema Emerald Holiday Proper Care

Aglaonema Emerald Holiday – known as Chinese Evergreen – is one of the most widely used interior foliage plants. This new introduction is quite striking in its appearance. The hardy green and cream colored leaves of the plant make it look gorgeous.

The plant is slow growing and does best in humid, warm and bright environment. It prefers rich-in-organic-matter porous soil. Similar to Emerald Beauty and Silver Bay the plant needs diffused natural light. It can survive in low light but will surely be thin and leggy. To avoid this, use artificial lightning.

To help your plant grow full and bushy try to remove some of the new leaves as they appear. Don’t apply anything to the foliage of your plant when the soil is dry or while the plant is in the sun. First, water the plant, and then move it to some shady location.