Aglaonema Ruby Sunset: New Option for Landscape Decoration

Aglaonema Sunset

If you are looking for a unique plant with a striking variegation, Aglaonema Ruby Sunset is the best solution. One of the first things you will notice right away is this plant’s ruby stems and beautifully colored foliage.

Being one of Chinese Evergreens plants, it prefers moderate to low light. Ruby Sunset hybrid plant has an interesting foliage. The plant is slow growing but can last you for decades.

Don’t put it in direct sunlight. As one of the new Elite varieties, Ruby Sunset tolerates lower temperatures. However, its ideal temperature is above 60 degrees.

When it comes to growth rate, it’s not rapid. Don’t let Ruby Sunset sit in water collecting in the bottom of a saucer or a container. If you don’t want root injury to occur, be certain the excess water is drained off. If you are a fan of the red, ruby colored look, Ruby Sunset is considered to be a good performer.