Aloe has Changed Color. I Know the Reason!

aloe vera green

Although cultivation of aloe isn’t a big deal, I should say that some rules shouldn’t be broken anyway. My aloe has changed its color from green to red. My mum says it is because of burns caused by direct sunrays. I’ve placed my aloe on the window ledge cuz my school teacher of Biology tells us that succulents like aloe adore sunlight. However, it isn’t 100% correct. When the plant starts turning tan, brown or yellow, it means that it needs extra help.

If you have a balcony or a terrace, take the pot with a sick aloe and put it there. Choose a shadowy place to protect the plant from direct sun beams. It is important to keep it from the sun for a while. If you do it, aloe will recover and will be able to bloom soon. Long pink and yellow flowers look so cute. You can also collect aloe seeds and create a new generation of this succulent. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Take care of your green doctor properly!