Clematis sweet autumn


The species which blooms with numerous white star-shaped fragrant flowers from the middle of September through the beginning of October is known under a romantic name – clematis sweet autumn. Its botanical name is not as romantic though. It sounds like terniflora.

This twining wine is the last one to blossom which makes it very popular with people who are looking for the “four season landscape” option. The plant can be 30 feet in height and in some countries it is considered to be a noxious weed.

This species is native to Japan and should be grown in planting zones 5-9.

Planting clematis sweet autumn, one should take into consideration the following requirements: these vines are satisfied either with full sun or partial shade; they are not very fastidious about the soil as long as it remains well-drained.
Being given a sturdy support which can be a wall, a fence, for example, this Asiatic species will spread quickly and you will be able to watch it grow with joy.