Do Rabbits Eat Hibiscus: How to Protect Your Hibiscus Plants

Rabbits Eat Hibiscus

Taking care of hibiscus plants means not only decent soil, proper watering, mulching and pruning, but also protecting them from pests (mealy bugs, aphid, snails, slugs, etc.) and diseases (frost damage, phytophtora, fungal disease, etc.), as well as animals like wild rabbits or so. A vast majority of wild rabbits consume a variety of fresh vegetable, plants, flowers and shrubs, Hibiscus leaves and flowers being no exception. Besides, hibiscus bush is perfect to feed your pet rabbits, but certain instructions should be followed:

1) rinse any fertilizer or dirt from hibiscus flowers
2) trim stems from the flowers
3) cut hibiscus blossoms into smaller portions (quarters)
4) start feeding your pet with a small portion of flower (ensure to prevent any digestive distress)
5) add more flowers for the rabbit to get used to consuming it.