Does Ficus Benjamina Produce Fruit? True or False?

Ficus benjamina is a weeping fig characterized by ovoid and shiny green leaves, dropping ornamentally. Though there are many other ornamentally grown figs, only this one has drooping thin leaves and tapering tips.

All plants come from ficus benjamina seeds and become tall trees, kept either in- or outdoors. Such trees rarely flower and fruit indoors. Even if the flowers are produced, the production of fruits is rather unlikely because of the absence of pollinating wasps. Does ficus benjamina produce fruit? When placed outdoors, they give fruitage.

Green balls are the fruits, which are medium and edible, but the plant never has lots of them. Some berries are so bitter that they are even worse than biting into a lemon. However, in case you want to taste them, choose those of the 2nd harvest, as they are not so acidic.