Ficus Benjamina and Damage Caused by Improper Care

Ficus benjamina is a popular houseplant. But it is finicky and requires constant vigilance. That’s why one should be well aware of how to care for ficus benjamina and damage that can be caused by negligence.

The most common problems with weeping fig are:
- Relocation
- Pests
- Too little light or direct sunlight
- Change in temperature
- Low humidity
- Drafts
- Overwatering or underwatering

All this can result in foliage problems – abundant leaf drop, spots on stems and leaves, etc.

There are many types and hybrids of weeping fig, e.g. “Midnight Beauty” – a relatively new man-made hybrid. All of them are much alike and differ only in shape and color of leaves.
If you want to have more ficus trees at home or share them with your friends, Ficus benjamina propagation can be easily done from cuttings. And your tree will remain healthy and vibrant.