Hardy Hibiscus Shrubs to Decorate Your Garden: Speaking of Tropical Houseplants

Hibiscus Shrubs

Hibiscus plants belong to the large showy flowers family which includes more than 200 species (perennial and annual herbaceous plants, small trees, woody shrubs, etc.) that usually grow in temperate, warm, tropical and subtropical climates. These plants perfectly answer the question of bringing your garden a truly tropical beauty, hardy hibiscus, botanically known as Hibiscus moscheutos, being one of the most popular tropical flowers.

Hybridized from wildflowers, these yard shrubs are famous for their large flowers, cold winter temperatures withstanding abilities (winter-hardy), adaptable and easy to take care of (some pruning once in a while, decent soil, and full sun). These are late flowers that usually leaf out very late in spring, but being winter-hardy only makes it possible for you to double your chances of getting a truly late-spring tropical accent.