Hibiscus Radiatus: Speaking of Short-Lived Perennials

Hibiscus Radiatus

Hibiscus radiatus, also known as Ruby Hibiscus or Monarch Rosemallow, is a stunning yellow-velvet or red-velvet Asian perennial flower that can also be grown as annuals in cold climates. The beautiful flowers of this species make it a must-have among other fall and winter Hibiscus blooming varieties.

Like other short-day bloomers, this one has dentate leaves lobed into three to five parts and long arced-over stems that grow horizontally during the season. Unfortunately, it takes up too much space in the garden, that’s why repeated clipping of its growing tips will help to keep a more manageable size.

Typically it’s classified as a short-lived perennial, but it’s also successfully grown as an annual plant. Hibiscus seeds planted in late fall (October) will surely result in plant’s palmate leaves turning into red-gold color, thus providing additional tropical accent to your garden. Very often it is grown as a medicinal or vegetable herb.