How Often Water Ficus Benjamina? Useful Tips for Beginners

ficus water

Though you have probably heard a lot about ficus care, watering these plants is not hard. Usually, many beginners kill their first ficus trees by under- or overwatering them. A vital thing to remember is that any tiny tree like this one will be satisfied and healthy, if only it isn’t completely dry.

The key advice is to keep the plant moist, but not wet, cause it triggers the root rot. No matter what the height of the tree is, it always lets one know it is overwatered by dropping its leaves. So, how often water ficus benjamina?

The trees like these require thorough, but infrequent irrigation. Fertilizing is usually done every 2-4 weeks, mixing ½ strength fertilizer. Before you start, check the dirt of ficus benjamina bonsai every day in order to assure it has not dried out too much.