My Green Friend Aloe Arborescens

aloe plant picture

My granny sent me a nice present for my last birthday. It was aloe arborescence. Since then I have been taking care of this amazing indoor plant. You should know that it isn’t hard. If you doubt what species of aloe to buy - aloe nobilis, aristata, variegate or arborescens, choose the last one! There was an accident that happened to me two months ago and aloe became my best remedy. I was riding my bicycle when a cat of my neighbor decided to cross that road. I had to stop immediately not to injure it. Unfortunately, I did harm to myself: terrible wounds on the elbow and knees. Then there began a real nightmare! My wounds started to suppurate. The pain was just unbearable. Moreover, high temperature made me feel bad, so I had to lie in bed all day long. I tried different medications but nothing soothed my tortures. At last I cut a piece of aloe leaf and applied some juice to the wounds. It was unbelievable! I felt relief and understood that I would recover very soon.

I am endlessly grateful to my green savior. I know how to care aloe, how to choose the best soil type to create ideal conditions for growing. I think that aloe is the best house plant.