Seven Major Rose Mallow Hibiscus Care Tips

Rose Mallow Hibiscus Care

The rose mallow hibiscus is native to the wet swamp areas and creek edges of the southwest USA. They are easy to grow in the garden following out major care tips and tricks. Since it is a natural breed the plant will be easy to look after and cultivate. Just like all the other hardy hibiscuses rose mallow can handle droughts and survive mild winters.

How to Look After Your Rose Mallow?

Follow our simple hibiscus care guide tips to grow this perennial deciduous shrug into a healthy, luscious and blooming eye candy. But be prepared that some of the neighbors will be asking you for some seeds or cuttings.

  • When planting a cutting allow for about 36 inches between the plants and use about 4 inches of compost for every plant.
  • Provide plenty of sunlight as partial shade will result in a one sided or leggy plant.
  • Leave a few inches of mulch around the plant to keep the roots cool and moist.
  • Make sure to water it regularly especially the first year. Water it two or three times per week during the dry season.
  • Annual pruning should be more straightforward, leave a few inches above the ground as the stem and the branches die in winter and every summer the shrug grows back.
  • The flowers only last for about a day and then they fade away. Cut off the hanging dry flowers to encourage more blooming.
  • If you see any parasite traces of aphides, scale or whiteflies clean the leaves and apply mild repellent.

Color Variations

This water loving plant can produce beautiful flowers of different shades. Just like all the other hibiscuses rose mallow blooms from June till late autumn covered in hand –sized blossoms. The shades vary from white to peach, pink, red, lavender and two-tone variations.

This garden variety sort is also often used in cross breeding but unlike modern hybrid hibiscuses rose mallow is so much easier to cultivate and to grow from the seed. If you have little experience with the hibiscus plants we suggest you start with this all natural kind and then go for more exotic ones as you gradually improve your skills.

Popularity Reasons

Hibiscus Moscheutos aka rose mallow feels good both indoors and outdoors. Make sure it gets enough sunshine as then it will provide you with the beautiful blossoms throughout summer and fall. Winterizing the garden plant is also very easy, cut it leaving a few inches above the ground and cover it up with some mulch and leaves which should be removed in the early spring. We bet you will have a beautiful garden with this shrug.