Toxic Ficus Benjamina Sap

ficus benjamina

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a place where there is no ficus benjamina which is also often called the Weeping fig. It seems that it is everywhere around us: in hotels, nurseries, malls. The other day I came to my friend’s place and I wasn’t even surprised when I saw this plant there. It’s extremely common due to its cheap cost and adaptability to soil, light and weather conditions.

Besides that, ficus benjamina grows well enough both inside and outside even with minimal care and is very ornamental. But I was mistaken thinking that this species is absolutely harmless. A friend of mine told me about so called ficus benjamina sap.

She said that this plant is notorious for its highly toxic sap. My friend didn’t even know how to plant a ficus benjamina because she heard that contact with the sap can result in red, itchy skin irritation which gets worse when exposed to the sun. So as to be on a safe side she put rubber gloves on and put the plant itself on a newspaper because dripping ficus benjamina sap could stain the surface.

When she wanted to propagate the plant doing air-layering, she assumed the same precaution measures and everything was fine.

So if you decide to make your home cosier and improve the air quality in your house (this plant also functions as a “cleaner” filtering up various kinds of pollutants), don’t hesitate to purchase ficus benjamina.