What is Aloe? How Can It Become your Home Doctor?

What is Aloe

What is aloe? You can hardly hear this question as everybody knows how this plant looks like. It is also not a secret that aloe possesses truly magical therapeutic properties. Personally I read the information that this plant is toxic. I can prove that it is not true. Believe it or not, but I use it every day and for all possible purposes:
In lieu of a face cream. Aloe juice is extremely good for oily and sensitive skin. I just cut a piece of aloe leaf and rub my face with the plant jelly for a couple of minutes.

I give aloe to my children who often catch cold in winter. When I see that they have a bad appetite, I know that a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of aloe can help to solve this problem. It is important that the plant should be of at least 3 years of age. If you take care of aloe correctly, you will grow an old one.

All possible skin injuries like burns, cuts, sores, blisters are successfully healed with the help of aloe juice.
I am profoundly sure that aloe trumps hundreds of other plants in its curative properties in as much of its fame as a herb against 100 diseases.