What Is Ficus Benjamina: A Bit of History and Interesting Facts

What Is Ficus Benjamina

Nowadays, this tree enjoys worldwide popularity. But formerly, it was common only in Australia and south/southeast Asia. So what is Ficus benjamina? It’s an evergreen tree that can reach 30 m (98 feet) in natural conditions, with glossy leaves and graceful branchlets.

It belongs to Moraceae – a family of flowering plants, and is also called a weeping fig. The name of the plant originated from Latin “Ficus” that stands for “fig,” and “benjamina” – from its Hindi name “Benjan”. It’s the official tree of Bangkok, Thailand.

A favourable zone for weeping figs is temperate, and when grown outdoors, it can become very large. The tree can be also kept as a houseplant, though ficus benjamina cultivation isn’t that easy, making their popularity strange. The plant is quite finicky – it is sensitive to cold, small changes in light or relocation.