Why Do People Choose Planting Ficus Benjamina as a Hedge?

What does a ficus hedge provide? Normally, it is a deep green and leafy privacy screen. Ficus benjamina as a hedge is today pruned back in any of two popular ways. The choice usually depends on the level of required privacy and its formality.

The plant attains a pretty large size across the native range of southeastern Asia. The seeds normally germinate in nearly 15-90 days, though many factors depend on the location and the tree type. In many cases, germination can be erratic even under good conditions.

Ficus benjamina ‘Monique’, being a good example of a hedge, has the roots that invade water lines or lift the pavement. In areas which are prone to hurricanes this weeping fig is susceptible to falling during storms. Planting ficus benjamina in perfect conditions, you get the plant that grows 250 feet in height.