Why Is My Ficus Benjamina Dying? Tips on saving the plant.

ficus benjamina bonsai root

Several months ago the leaves of my ficus tree turned brown, started curling at the edges and then falling off. Some branches were dead too. I asked myself: «Why is my ficus benjamina dying?».

So as to find the answer and save my dear plant I surfed the Internet looking for some useful information.
I was lucky to find people who had the same ficus benjamina problems. They advised me to flush the pot thoroughly with room temperature water. Then I had to wait for about 7-10 minutes. After that I flushed the soil with water which, as they explained, removes salt build-up from the soil. When it stopped draining, I took the plant out of the pot and left it on a newspaper over night. The next day the plant was returned to the pot.

Before I watered it for the first time after the flush, I stuck a wood dowel into the soil. People told me that I can water my ficus only when the dowel comes out dry. So it did came out dry and I could give my precious a drink.
This procedure brought the plant back to life. So if you experience some problems and ask yourself “Why is my ficus benjamina dying?”, try this solution. Hopefully, it will help.