Aglaonema as an Air Purifier

aglaonema air purifier

Dust and dirt enter our dwellings frequently. Pollution from cars and factories creates the air that is far from pure. You can vacuum, wash the floor and open casements every day. But, it doesn't promise that you will inhale healthy and fresh air.

Trees and plants are aglaonema air purifiers. Staying at the woods is useful, but you cannot take all those trees with you. Though, having a garden or growing as many plants as you wish is a favour to your lungs. The species of Aroideae will improve the air of the atmosphere you are at.

These evergreens clean the air of any premise. How does this plant do it? Well, when we breathe in oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. But trees and plants do it vice versa. Pure air means more oxygen. Araceae plants not only produce oxygen, but do a filtration of pollutants and toxins, like formaldehyde and benzene. So, place several pots of these plants around and the air will be purified.