Aglaonema Maria: Super Hardy Green Living

Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema Maria is one of the varieties of the Chinese Evergreen. Known as Emerald Beauty, this plant was collected in the Philippines. The plant is bushy and grows to fourteen inches high. Like Christina plant it is compact in growing and due to its compact habits, this green and bushy plant is better suited for azalea pots or “squat pots”.

The plant is maintained at the lower light levels – which is good for offices. Being a slow grower it is often used as a ground cover.

Aglaonema plant doesn’t need any trimming. The dark green leaves of the plant make it absolutely ideal for areas that need a little color – deck, counter or a table.

The plant will do quite well for those who want to update their home or office decor. When it comes to light, homeowners should know this houseplant doesn’t like full sun. So if you are looking for a tropical plant that does well in low light, look no further.

Aglaonema “Maria” is an Interior Beauty

The varieties of this plant include:“Maria”, “Amelia”, “Emerald Beauty”, “Jewel of India”, “Maria Christina” and many more. Quite a few kinds of them were discovered in the tropical landscapes of South Asia.

This is a houseplant that grows around 0.9m tall. It is recognized as an evergreen plant with white flowers and lance-shaped leaves with white ornaments. Per contra, it needs minimum attention every week.

The plant will enjoy +20 to +26 degrees Celsius, but not under +17 degrees Celsius. In low light rooms the watering moment comes at times of the nearly arid soil. While the more light it has around, the sooner the soil needs water. Moreover, it feels OK under artificial lighting. Despite that it requires some natural diffused light to stay healthy and bushy. Although sun exposure is forbidden for this plant.

Additionally, “Maria” can be a nice decoration of every interior.