Aglaonema Seedling Information: Sowing Recommendations

Aglaonema seedling

Nowadays, you can buy various Aglaonema seedling plant products from Global Plant suppliers. These young hardy plants can easily adapt to the outer environment. As there are many species of this beautiful plant, there is a wide scope to choose from. Seeds of this popular plant are large, easy-to-handle and can be used to propagate the species. The flower color of Chinese Evergreen is not showy – pod.

Sowing recommendations

You are to sow into either:
1:1 Pertile: ground sphagnum, or
1:1 Pertile: sieved coconut peat (coir), or
1:1 river sand, washed: sieved coconut peat (coir), or
Pertile: propriety soil-less compost.

When it comes to germination, heated greenhouse or warm climate house are ideal conditions for it. In case of indoor germination you are to choose a brightly lit but not sunny window sill.