Aglaonema White Rain: The Newest Product with Unique Leaf Patterns

cultivar of Aglaonema

The new cultivar of Aglaonema known as “White Rain”appears to be a good grower. White Rain is a new product of the breeding program the main objective of which was to develop a new plant with unique leaf patterns.

Narrow and oblong leaves of this new introduction are silver green in the center and surrounded with dark green streaks and spots towards the margins. The petioles are white. White Rain can be characterized by its outwardly arching and upright plant habit. Numerous and closely-spaced leaves of the plant give it a very dense and full appearance.

Aglaonema White Rain is medium sized and has similar-to-Deborah-plant coloration. It is difficult to say how the plant will be used indoors as it is one of the newest introductions. Planting Aglaonema is not hard. The plant is tolerant to low humidity and low light.